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    The Defiance of Good (1975)

    The Defiance of Good

    Directed by: Armand Weston. With Jean Jennings, Fred Lincoln, Day Jason, Heather Ellis, Kevin Andre, Alan Marlow, Sonny Landham, Jason Russell, Sandy Foxx, Holly Landis, Mark Stevens.

    Also known as: The Defiance

    Jennings, in her first screen appearance, plays the role of teen-age Cathy, daughter of strict parents, who is committed to a mental hospital after her mother finds her snorting coke. There she is anally gang raped by a trio of inmates, drugged by an insensitive doctor, and further abused by a brutish male nurse. Finally she is rescued by the hypnotic Dr. Gabriel, a bearded guru type played by Fred Lincoln, who takes her to his private sanitarium. Cathy soon discovers she has traded one hell for another.

    Under the direction of Dr. Gabriel, who has a religious devotion to S&M discipline, she is chained, whipped, humiliated and forced into a montage of sadistic sex rituals. The doctor’s aim is to free her from “society’s worn-out concepts of good and evil.” Cathy learns to like the S&M – and when she is free to go, she elects to stay.

    Defiance is not for the squeamish. It infects the viewer with psycho-sexual terror. Scenes of beatings, rape, and torture are intense and real. Young Jean Jenning’s performance is extraordinary.


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