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    Prison très spéciale pour femmes

    Prison Tres Speciales Pour Femmes


    There are lots of Eurotrash Girls in Prison films from the eighties (usually starring Linda Blair). Unfortunately this adult version with Olinka Hardiman gets all the elements wrong. A French class in Paris is in league with a gang of white sex slave traders. This is handy, since most of the students are horny tourists anyway (so why force them?). Olinka and two supposedly American girls are arrested (though they never learn exactly what for) and thrown into the tiny Maison Darret Prison. Here they are stimulated to become even more sexually charged than they already were.

    The new arrivals are immediately herded into the shower, normally the highlight in these pictures, but more like an afterthought here. Although she has a lazy boyfriend waiting for her outside, Olinka really enjoys the thorough examination given to her by the prison doctor. Apart from him there are only two guards and a female warden who constantly spy on and have their way with the inmates. The sex scenes are quite short but there sure are a lot of them. However, I would not call any of them erotic. The girls are being prepared to be sold to visiting sheiks by a mob boss called… wait for it… Don Corleone. The Don turns out to be overworked French porn star Alban, who strangely enough never gets any action.

    Finally Olinka’s boyfriend Peter gets off the bed (where she left him after their first scene) and starts looking around for her, although he keeps forgetting if her name is Susanne of Christine(!). Clearly the filmmakers were not very interested in this part of the film (which does not involve any sex) as no thought seems to have gone into camera placement or continuity at all. Don’t expect one of those violent break in and shoot outs that usually end these pictures either, that would have been way too much effort. We never even get to see the two lovers reunite, but at least Olinka and another inmate have fun entertaining a couple of Arabian princes at the Don’s mansion. Alban does get arrested in the final scene, but like everything else in the picture, this coda is neither well thought out nor given much explanation.

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