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    Cris Bel em “T-Girls on Film 45”



    World Scat Cup (só brasileiras comendo cocô)

    World Scat Cup


    Tough Love 5

    Tough Love 5


    Long Jeanne Silver (1977)

    Long Jeanne Silver


    Her name is Long Jeanne Silver, and she’s handicapped and horny! Due to a quirk of mother nature, she was born with a bigger dick than John Holmes, and baby, you’d better believe she knows how to use it!

    ‘Long’ Jeanne Silver had appeared on stage and in men’s magazines before making the leap to porn, where in 1976 (her earliest appearance, so far as I can find) she appeared on the receiving end of Jamie Gillis’ muddy wrath in the enema bandit classic, Water Power, directed by the infamous Gerard Damiano.

    Her claim to fame? Well, besides having a nice set of perky boobies and a reasonably attractive face, Jeanne was ‘gifted’ by a childhood incident that left her with a stump where her left leg used to be. This stump, really nothing more than flesh covered bone, could be put to all manner of interesting uses by the adventurous types that Jeanne ran into, and that’s more or less the premise behind this psuedo-documentary that follows Ms. Silver around and captures the sexual exploits that she finds herself involved in.

    The film is comprised of five scenes. The first one is a three way with Joey Silvera and Amber Hunt. Jeanne shows Amber what her stump is good for, while Joey looks on and does his own thing. The second scene finds Jeanne picking up a guy who doesn’t usually ‘like girls’ and taking him back to her house so that they can fool around before her mother gets home. If you think you know where this one is going, you’re probably right. He takes her stump in his rump and she diddles her own bad self while she grinds him down. Nasty stuff, and pretty damn weird when you think about it. Actually, this whole movie is pretty damn weird when you think about it. But back to the subject at hand… scene three finds Ms. Silver in another three way, this time with Paul Thomas and a blonde lady who willingly receives Jeanne’s leggy thing into her fun box. The final scene is with Jeanne and Kristine Heller who actually gives Jeanne’s stump oral in another truly odd moment of semi-lesbian but sort of phallic lust.

    There isn’t a whole helluva lot in the story department here to describe and the film seems to exist pretty much as a XXX freak show rather than a coherent adult film. With that being said, it certainly gets points in the originality department and it leaves very little of Jeanne’s so called ‘private life’ to the imagination.

    There have been cut versions released of the film, the Canadian release being trimmed of almost four minutes supposedly, but Alpha Blue’s DVD does appear to be completely uncut judging by the fact that the seen likely to cause the most issues with the censors – and the scene that was supposedly cut from other versions – the stump into man’s rump scene, appears to be completely intact with no noticeable or jarring edits of any kind.

    Directed by Alex de Renzy, the man behind a lot of the late 60s/early 70s ‘Denmark’ films and vintage smut like Pretty Peaches not to mention the notorious Animal Lover, the movie kicks along at a brisk pace. It isn’t elegantly shot, there aren’t a lot of interesting camera movements or unique set ups or angles. There are no lighting tricks or colored gels used to enhance the mood – it’s all very basic. But the subject matter, or more specifically the female lead in the form of Jeanne Silver herself, is such an unusual subject for a hardcore porn film that it really and truly doesn’t matter much in the long run. You’re not watching this for the story or watching it for the cinematography, you’re watching it to watch a good looking woman do strange things to other women (and a rather unfortunate man – it looked like it hurt even the lube on there… ouch!) with her stump leg.

    The film isn’t a complete fuck fest though. In amongst the bumping and grinding are some interesting little interview segments with Silver who talks about her life and her career. She even gets all choked up at one point in the film while she’s discussing her work with a couple of friends. It’s also interesting to see some photos from the spread she did for Cheri in the film as well.

    Angell Summers – Freirinha Barbarizada!

    Angell Summers - Freirinha Barbarizada!


    The Dark Side of Porn (Torrent)

    Dark Side


    Documentário do Channel 4 sobre o lado obscuro do mercado pornô.

    Capítulo 1: “Porn Shutdown”. Sobre a paralização de 60 dias sofrida pelo mercado em 2004, quando o ator Darren James foi diagnosticado com HIV.

    Capitulo 2: “Diary of a Porn Virgin”. Acompanhe as novatas dando seus primeiros passos para se tornarem estrelas pornô.

    Capítulo 3: Debbie Does Dallas Uncovered“.A polêmica envolvendo Debbie Does Dallas, um dos filmes mais lucrativos já feitos – e também um com uma história bem macabra por trás de sua produção.

    Capítulo 4: “Death of a Porn Star”. Todo o mistério sobre a morte Lolo Ferrari. Suicídio ou assassinato?

    Capítulo 5: “Amateur Porn”.

    Capítulo 6: “Me and My Slaves”. Acompanhe a saga de Rick, um mestre de BDSM.

    Capítulo 7: “Hunting Emmanuelle”. Tudo sobre este clássico de 1974 e seu impacto na cultura mundial.

    Capítulo 8: Does Snuff Exist?“. A verdade sobre os filmes snuff.

    Capítulo 9:The Real Animal Farm“. A saga do pornô bizarro e bestial.


    Mulheres Taradas por Animais (1985)

    A mera sugestão de sexo entre mulheres e animais causa engulhos em estômagos sensíveis, mas a verdade é que este sub-subgênero pornô faz enorme sucesso no Brasil. Pudera: no interior, transar com cabras e galinhas não é tão incomum quanto a gente da cidade grande imagina – “barranquear” é prática corrente em regiões atrasadas, muitas vezes o único tipo de iniciação sexual disponível.

    Mulheres Taradas por Animais (1985)Mulheres Taradas por Animais é o clássico mundial da zoofilia, citado até em guias estrangeiros, e uma das fitas nacionais mais locadas e assistidas. Quando foi exibida no Cine Íris do Rio de Janeiro, formou-se uma fila imensa na porta (fato inédito desde que o local passou a exibir filmes eróticos e shows de strip-tease, e a clientela se preocupava em entrar com máxima discrição, morrendo de medo de ser vista por algum conhecido).

    A verdade é que, por mais fraca que seja, Mulheres Taradas por Animais cumpre o que promete, satisfazendo a curiosidade de qualquer um. Há a tradicional transa com cavalo (o bicho ejacula na boca da moça, que reage com visível repulsa) até a anta superdotada que, segundo os créditos, tem um metro de pênis. Porém, são poucas as cenas em que há penetração – uma delas é a do bode, na qual seis pessoas tiveram que segurar o animal. O leão é engodo: não transa, só assiste. Há cenas entre mulheres e homens, inclusive com sexo anal, mas não tão interessantes quanto as sequências bestiais. Merece três estrelas pelo que cumpre e promete, mas os leitores devem fazer seu próprio julgamento.

    MULHERES TARADAS POR ANIMAIS (Brasil/85. Dir. Johnnes Freyger (Ody Fraga). Com Lia Soul, Camila Gordon, Solange Drummond, Walter Gabarron, Oswaldo Cirilo, Francisco Viana, o bode Barnabé, a anta Bedengó, o cavalo Frappé, o leão Léo. 90 min. Century).




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