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    O Beijo da Mulher Piranha (1986)

    O Beijo da Mulher Piranha


    Here’s another exercise in the much-loved Boca do Lixo variety of classic Brazilian pornography.
    Kiss of the Piranha Woman is directed by Jean Garret, who also helmed the supremely satisfying gut-buster Fuk Fuk à Brasileira starring midget sex star Chumbinho, though Kiss is a more, er, serious affair, I suppose.
    A writer hooks up with a rich gal who keeps a pet piranha. The missus likes to take said piranha into her lovely bathtub wherein it nibbles on her under-bits until the water runs red. The writer is also sticking it to the maid – a lady who has found a new way to use a certain marital aid in conjunction with the washer.
    During one sex scene between the writer and the lady of the house, you can almost see the jealousy in the piranha’s eyes as it peeks at the doings through the aquarium glass. Later, the couple have sex in the tub with the piranha and the writer ends up dead from blood loss.
    It sounds better than it really is, but the washing machine/dildo scene trumps all.


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