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    Gauge em “Abyss”


    Based on the 19th century Dostoyevsky novel The House of the Dead, Abyss is a movie that proudly carries on the tradition of ultra-hardcore that has made Extreme Associates a world-wide favorite among whack artists.

    Abyss is produced, written, and directed by Thomas Zupko, whose Extreme directorial debut In the Days of Whore was named Video of The Year by Adam Film World and also received 11 AVN Award nominations including Best Video Feature and Best Director. Starring Extreme contract girl Kristi Myst and newcummer Stevie, Abyss follows in the format of Zupko’s two previous productions– we’re talking off-the-wall themes, raunchy group sex galore, and a plethora of anal.

    “Abyss is probably in some respects better than In the Days of Whore, although completely different. The things here are at a level that have never been done in pornography,” says Zupko. “I’m continually pushing the limit to see what I can get away with, and this [movie] might just be one that gets me in trouble.”

    And just what does “pushing the limit” mean to Zupko? Check this out…

    Fresh starlet Krista Leigh, with just a few previous adult credits, arrived on Zupko’s set expecting to getting double-penetrated. The scene, though, ended up turning into an anal reaming with five cocks spearing her backdoor. But that’s not the sure-to-be controversial part.

    “It was the most intense porn scene I ever shot,” says Zupko. “The face of the owner of the house, an older woman, was just sheer horror. Krista was slapped non-stop in the face, she had her head stepped on, she got spit on…and she enjoyed every bit of it. During the middle of the scene, while she’s getting fisted, fucked in the ass, and slapped, Krista did a disclaimer to the camera stating she’s doing this stuff of her own free will. “

    At one point in the middle of this Krista broke down and started crying hysterically….cameras still rolling.

    “She was crying out of sheer intensity; it was a form of ecstasy,” adds Zupko. “At the end the scene though she told me it was probably the best sexual experience she’s ever had.” Another highlight from Abyss has Kristi Myst playing the Zupko interpretation of Virgin Mary, appearing after the execution of the prisoners to offer the departed her bodily charms. Also on the Abyss menu is Gage getting double-repeated and puking in rapid fire succession all over the dicks that were just seconds prior crammed in her oral input.

    “This is pornography in its purest form, not the watered-down diluted shit that all of these other wanna-be jack-offs make,” Zupko boasts. “It is porn on the cutting edge and porn for the 21st Century. The ‘Oh what a great butt’ and sugar-coated pre-sex sofa interviews are over. This is existential smut for all of us who have been fucked over by society our entire lives and who now say ‘we’ve had all we can fucking take and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

    Already dead center in a whirlwind of controversy, Zupko takes all of his naysayers and critics to heart. “Most everybody in adult is a motherfucking coward and as laughable as it may sound there is a code here of ‘political correctness” that is probably more stringent and anal retentive than the one in the mainstream world. Rob Black understood that five years ago when he he said fuck you to the industry and made Miscreants against the greatest odds, fully understanding that what makes anything progress and advance is having the balls to expose shit for what it really is. Like Rob, I try to do give my fans pornography that is dick-provoking and thought-provoking mixed with a lot of rage and angst about this sick game we call life.”


    Sim, essa é a versão completa (a primeira edição do DVD tinha duas cenas cortadas). Para os completistas incluímos a cena onde Gauge vomita várias vezes durante o boquete, e no final é morta estrangulada pelos caras.

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