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    Elle Rio e Candie Evans em “Forbidden Bodies”

    Forbidden Bodies

    Billed as a “sexual potboiler in the ‘film noir’ tradition of the 40’s and 50’s,” it comes as no surprise that with Gerard (Deep Throat) Damiano directing and Gregory Dark producing, Forbidden Bodies gets down and dirty almost from the outset. But what’s most surprising is the amount of class and substance Hustler Magazine and Wet Video’s second collaboration reveals while doing so.

    Sitting in a darkened bar that used to be a burlesque house, Rudolph Eckmann spins tales about “the ghosts of this old strip joint” as long as Jack Baker, playing the crusty sailor, buys him drinks. As the fantasies unwind, we’re treated not only to great sets and costumes, but some hot stripping routines as well. The result blends “sexy” with “sexual,” and is as close to erotic dynamite as you’re going to get. The sex is torrid throughout, including a hot three-way featuring Robert Bullock, Buffy Davis and Keisha, a wild Elle Rio sequence with a raunchy stage routine, and the most intense double penetration scene I’ve witnessed since The Devil in Miss Jones Part 3 (this one features Marc Wallace and Ron Jeremy).

    But the real centerpiece of Forbidden Bodies is the story of Krista Lane, an aging stripper who must choose between turning tricks and the love of a young, innocent fan. Her story contains hot sequences with Herschel Savage (including a kinky condom number) and Tom Byron, as well as two strip routines. She does the best job of realizing the dark, moody and romantic feel of the whole feature.

    Despite a couple of minor editing and lighting slips, Forbidden Bodies definitely breaks new ground in the shot-on-video genre. It also has a great soundtrack. If you’re of a romantic nature, but have a dirty mind, there are some Forbidden Bodies awaiting your arrival.

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