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    Between the Cheeks 2

    Between the Cheeks 2

    The sequel to the classic Between the Cheeks is, as expected, a much less memorable outing. Surprisingly, the plot is much, much better than the original (in terms of weirdness and laughs -don’t expect drama in a Dark Bros flick). Unfortunately the camera work is worse and the sex tamer. Bionca does a very nice DP with Byron and TT Boy but there are barely 10 seconds of full body shots (compare that with the brilliant Ginger DPs in the original as well as New Wave Hookers). Tianna and Heather Lere have a very animated girl-girl in the beginning of the film; Lere looks at her best here. Also of note is Debi Diamond (still having a bit of meat over her bones and hence looking less gross than usual) being gb’ed by a bunch of hilarious “aliens”; there is a very brief anal shot, but it’s with Blake Palmer’s cruel dick. Ouch.

    BtC2 is not a bad effort, but it does not come anywhere near the original. The lesser stature of the stars is an obvious explantation, but the general tameness (by Dark Bros standards) and lesser technical merit are much to blame as well. Still, it’s by no means a bad film.

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